J Cole Upcoming Album Delayed Due To Coronavirus

J Cole is going to be back soon with his upcoming album, the news came about when Olu, the EarthGang announced it during his Instagram Live session for Dreamville, the record label founded by Ibrahim Hamid and the ‘Deja Vu‘ singer.

The album by J Cole has gotten delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, Olu says, ” “It’s in [U.S.] Customs [and Border Protection] right now. Cole album gotta get through [U.S.] Customs [and Border Protection] ’cause you know, Corona.”

The US Customs and Border Protections inspects goods, products and services that enter the states to ensure that the banned products are not being imported in. The CBP is also working with the Homeland Security, federal agencies and local authorities to ensure a slow spread of Covid-19 so that everyone is safe. Due to this, there is also a shortage in staff availability which is causing a delay of the album.

The upcoming J Cole album which was teased in 2019 through Dreamville led to the speculations of the title of the album being called ‘The Fall Out’ however there are no confirmations.

The upcoming album will be the sixth full length release from J Cole. Recently, he dropped the ‘Snow on Tha Bluff’ which created a lot of chaos in the industry however he remained strong and faced the backlash with diginity.

Apart from the release of the J Cole album, Olu also shared details regarding another album Spillage Village which consists of EarthGang, J.I.D and JB, he also spoke about some new tracks from EarthGang.

By : Aatira Kakroo