J-Pop Singer Ayaka to Drop a New Single with ONE OK ROCK Frontman Taka

Japanese singer and songwriter Ayaka is set to release a new collaborative single with Taka of ONE OK ROCK. The new single has been named “Victim of Love”. The track was composed by the 34-year-old artist with lyrics written by the ONE OK ROCK frontman, a moving love song featuring Taka’s simple and straightforward lyrics over Ayaka’s delicate yet majestic melody line that breaks new ground for the “Mikazuki” hitmaker.

Image Courtesy: JaME World

“Victim of Love” will be included in the J-pop songstress’ upcoming new album scheduled to drop on 1st February which marks the anniversary of her major-label debut.

Image Courtesy: Kpop Wiki

Ayaka said, “I remember being really moved when I received his demo singing the lyrics. The presence of his vocals and expressions that I didn’t expect from his usual style was fantastic.”

Taka also shared, “I’m really happy to have been able to create such a great song through this method of communication. During the recording session, I could observe the power in Ayaka’s deep and powerful voice and be able to grow even more as a singer. I also reconfirmed the strength that songs have.”

Image Courtesy: Billboard

Both Ayaka and Taka first got to know each other when they participated in the song project that was kicked off by Taka in 2020 with the Japanese R&B singer Shota Shimizu. Ayaka also said, “Our collaboration might strike people as being unexpected, but I hope many people listen to our song.”

The two singers have worked mostly on the single for six months, relying on voice memos for the lyrics and singing style. They got together in the same studio to record vocals and to add some final touches. The fans are excited about the song and currently are obsessing over the 25-second teaser.

—Apeksha Priya