Jack Harlow Releases Heartbreaking Music Video For ‘Gang Gang Gang’ 

Jack Harlow surprised viewers with a touching video to go along with the melancholy ‘Jackman.’ deep cut ‘Gang Gang Gang’.

The song describes a tale that will be familiar to people who have escaped the confines of small towns only to return to something that is superficially the same but fundamentally different. The 25-year-old rapper is watching from a table in his hometown of Louisville as a pal updates him on loved ones’ terrible decisions.

Image Courtesy: Interview Magazine

The naiveté of “unconditional love” declared amongst childhood pals, with little consideration for what the future might hold, is captured in the chorus. The Eliel Ford-directed video which, like the one for ‘They Don’t Love It,’ was fully shot in Harlow’s hometown and visually depicts the story of each line.

The song was first released on Harlow’s ‘Jackman.’, which was also his first No. 1 album on the Top Rap Albums chart.

In Louisville, Harlow was recently acknowledged with a ‘Hometown Heroes’ banner. The Jack Harlow Foundation, which he established last month, will “serve as the Louisville, KY native’s primary philanthropic vehicle to reinvest, uplift and support organisations aiming to make the city that raised him a better place,” according to a statement.

– Riya Sohini