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Jackson Wang drops debut album: MIRRORS

Rapper/singer Jackson Wang, also famously known as the member of the K-Pop boy group ‘GOT7’ has dropped his 8 track debut album “Mirrors” today and it’s going to be an emotional ride for Wang fans.

“Mirrors”- the artist’s debut solo album is a documentation of Jackson’s turbulent period of life and the overwhelming phase he went through as he juggled the responsibilities thrown at him while running his agency – “Team Wang” and of being a part of the band ‘GOT7’. The album has the perfect mix of emotion as he displays strength and vulnerability through his tracks.

He also paid homage to his fans in the ballad sounding tracks “UNLESS I’M WITH YOU” and “爱 (I Love You 3000: Chinese Version)” as a sign of gratitude. The title of his album symbolises the thought “mirrors can show multiple sides but can’t hide one’s true self”

The album is the proof that one can be part of a super famous boy band and be a flourishing solo artist in this industry, at the same time.

Catch his new track “Titanic” ft. Rich Brian from his new album “MIRRORS”.

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