Jay-Z And Pharrell Williams Drop ‘Entrepreneur’

Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams are trying to divert your attention back to the plight of black lives in the United States. ‘Entrepreneur’ is out and there is nothing about it which does not scream, ‘justice’.

The song which is described as a special project focuses on the plight of Black men and women. The track came alongside the cover package of TIME magazine.

The upbeat track is the perfect futuristic blend of megastars Jay-Z and Pharell Williams. Through the course of the four and a half minute banger, fans are treated to a beautifully written and uptempo bass line that is set to take dancefloors by storm.


It isn’t just the song that is mind-blowing. The pair has dropped a music video that is well worth your time. The title of the track speaks for itself. Through the enticing music video, fans are shown mini-stories of various dark-skinned entrepreneurs.

This anthem proves to be the perfect soundtrack for this thrilling video. From stories about a teacher starting his school in an underprivileged neighbourhood to a tale about a family running a successful food company, this video certainly has it all.


This inspirational video that is directed by Calmatic has already notched up over 100,000 views, and we see no reason why this video is not going to break a few barriers. With those well-shot visuals and brilliantly written captions, it almost seems as if this is an award-winning short film that’s taken years to fine-tune.

This unexpected collaboration by Jay-Z and Pharrell is something we fans certainly never knew we wanted. But if there’s more of this sort set to come our way then I just can’t wait!

By: Aatira Kakroo