Jennie Leaves The BLACKPINK Performance Midway “Due to Her Deteriorating Condition”

Following Jennie leaving a concert in Melbourne midway through her performance, BLACKPINK’s management firm has provided an update on her health.

Videos from the event, shows Jennie performing a four-part dance with her teammates Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo as they sing their 2020 hit song ‘Lovesick Girls.’ ‘The Idol’ star quickly ends her performance and turns to leave the stage, appearing clearly exhausted.

After the concert, according to reports, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo informed the audience that Jennie had been experiencing health issues all day. YG Entertainment later confirmed this in a statement. “We regret to inform you that during the BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN MELBOURNE performance on June 11 (today), member JENNIE was unable to complete the stage due to her deteriorating condition,” read a press release from the label on Weverse.

“JENNIE expressed her strong determination to carry on with the performance until the end,” the statement stated. “However, following medical advice on site, we immediately took measures to ensure she receives ample rest and stability. JENNIE has conveyed her regrets for not being able to stay with the fans until the end, and assures that she will recover as soon as possible.”

YG further emphasised that Jennie’s team is working extremely hard to assure her “speedy recovery,” and asked fans to be “understanding in this situation.”

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

The girls don’t have much downtime left before their next engagements, which are two concerts at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena. Many of Jennie’s online fans have encouraged her to put her health before her performances in the meantime.

One BLINK tweeted, “She so brave still stepping up the stage despite being so sick. Please recover well Jennie.”

Another person commented, “The fact she still went out on the stage even tho she felt really sick just shows how much she cares about her fans. We love you Jennie please take all the rest you need.”

– Riya Sohini