Jennie of BLACKPINK Confirms That The Band Will Return Shortly

Several YG Entertainment artists, including Jennie from BLACKPINK, recently met on the YouTube channel ‘The Game Caterers’ for a talk and a series of games. Jiwon from Sechskies, Chanhyuk from AKMU, Jinu, Mino, and Yoon from WINNER, Jay and Song from iKON, and Hyunsuk and Jihoon from TREASURE were among the other performers in attendance.

Jennie mentioned near the end of the video that the girl trio is planning a comeback.  “BLACKPINK is also making a comeback soon. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but since I’m the only [BLACKPINK member] here, I’ll just say it,” she shared with a laugh. “Please look forward to it. Thank you very much.”

Image Courtesy – DNA India

Members of WINNER and iKON also revealed that their respective groups will be returning shortly in the video. “WINNER is preparing for a comeback,” Mino explained. Meanwhile, Jay of iKON announced that the group will release an album in the first part of the year.

During an Instagram Live session last week, singer Jeon Somi accidently posted what appeared to be an unreleased BLACKPINK single. The vocalist had strolled into an occupied studio and heard a tiny fragment of the tune with a female voice, which was later identified as Jennie’s.

Image Courtesy – Capital FM

The BLACKPINK project, which has yet to be named, will be the female group’s first in over a year. Their debut studio album, ‘THE ALBUM,’ was released in October 2020, and it was their most recent release as a group.

BLACKPINK fans rushed to Twitter in February to express their dissatisfaction with YG Entertainment’s sale of new goods, despite the group’s lack of musical output in the previous year.

—Aditi Manjunath