Jennifer Lawrence Responds to Claims That She Kissed Liam Hemsworth When he Was With Miley Cyrus

In ‘The Hunger Games’, Jennifer Lawrence may have had a brief affair with Liam Hemsworth, but off-screen, she wasn’t messing around. The ‘No Hard Feelings’ actress officially addressed rumours that she and Hemsworth had an affair while the actor was still dating Miley Cyrus.

In an interview, host Andy Cohen asked Lawrence if there was any truth to the rumours that Cyrus subtly shaded her by wearing a figure-hugging gold dress in the ‘Flowers’ music video, similar to the one that the actress wore at a ‘Hunger Games’ red carpet premiere in 2012. Some fans interpreted Cyrus’ expression as a dig at Lawrence for having an affair with the singer’s ex-husband.

To say the least, Lawrence interrupted Cohen before he had even finished his inquiry, declining to plead the fifth.

She reportedly answered, “Not true. I would love to [respond], it’s not true. Total rumour.”

Image Courtesy: StyleCaster

She earlier hinted that she and Hemsworth had shared a kiss behind the scenes, which some fans at the time interpreted as ‘proof’ the two co-stars had an affair. Lawrence reiterated to Cohen that there was no connection between their kiss and Hemsworth’s on-again, off-again relationship with Cyrus.

Lawrence, who is now married and has a son with director of an art gallery, Cooke Maroney, added, “I mean, we all know that me and Liam, like, kissed one time. But it was years after they broke up.”

She said, “So I just assume that was like a coincidence,” in reference to Cyrus’ gold dress.

While it’s possible that the gold dress was simply that – a gold dress, there is a strong argument to be made that Cyrus shaded Hemsworth with ‘Flowers.’ For instance, the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper came out on Hemsworth’s 33rd birthday.

Anyhow, Lawrence also discussed about her buddy Adele, another female music icon. When fans calling in to the show questioned her about how inebriated she was when she and the ‘Easy on Me’ singer went out together to ‘Pieces’, a bar in New York City, she responded, ’10 out of 10 hammered’.

– Riya Sohini