Jennifer Lawrence’s New Movie Emerges as One of The “Best Comedies”

Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘No Hard Feelings’, has soared to the top of the Netflix film chart in the US. Directed by Gene Stupnitsky, the film introduces us to Maddie, a 32-year-old Uber driver played by Lawrence, who embarks on a unique journey. She answers an ad to date Percy, a shy 19-year-old portrayed by Andrew Barth Feldman, to boost his confidence before he heads off to college.

Released in cinemas this June, the film received mixed reviews, with some critics raising eyebrows at the age gap between the lead characters. However, this controversy hasn’t deterred viewers. As of 22nd October, ‘No Hard Feelings’ became available on Netflix in the US and quickly climbed to the top of the streaming platform’s film chart within just two days.

Jennifer Lawrence's 'No Hard Feelings'
Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘No Hard Feelings’ (Image Courtesy: IMDb)

Critic’s Review of Jennifer Lawrence’s New Movie

Viewers have lauded the movie, particularly appreciating Jennifer Lawrence in this light-hearted role. One fan expressed, “A breath of fresh air to see Jennifer Lawrence do something light and different.” They commended the film for being fun, charming and easily likeable, with Andrew Barth Feldman stealing the spotlight. Another viewer remarked that in a year brimming with great comedies, this film truly stands out.

The film’s success on Netflix shows its positive reception. Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Maddie, a character that allows her comedic talents to shine through, is a standout moment in her career. While Lawrence is renowned for her serious roles, her natural comedic delivery in ‘No Hard Feelings’ is a delightful surprise.

Jennifer Lawrence's 'No Hard Feelings'
Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘No Hard Feelings’ (Image Courtesy: IMDb)

Jennifer Lawrence’s reputation in Hollywood has always been that of a down-to-earth, relatable celebrity. She’s more like the girl next door than a distant, glamorous figure. Her interviews and appearances on the red carpet are filled with funny and relatable quips, which starkly contrast with the serious characters she portrays in films like ‘Serena,’ ‘Red Sparrow’ and ‘Mother!’ However, ‘No Hard Feelings’ shows her ability to bring her naturally funny presence and delivery to a film.

‘No Hard Feelings’ is a delightful addition to Jennifer Lawrence’s filmography, representing her versatility as an actor. It’s a feel-good comedy that not only entertains but also highlights her comedic talents, making it a must-watch for fans of the star and anyone looking for a good laugh. With its relatable characters and genuine humour, this film proves that Jennifer Lawrence is not only a dramatic powerhouse but can also deliver a great comedy. 

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-Britney Jones