Jennifer Lopez Hides a Man In a Gym Selfie?

jennifer lopez

We all are this person who shares a picture on the social media after a workout, turns out Jennifer Lopez is not so different from us. But, instead to making the 50 year old American singer, a source of motivation, fans started to look into the picture JLO shared!

First of all, Jennifer Lopez looks stunning with an amazing glow from probably sweating too much but also in a camouflage sportswear in her gym. But do you notice what most of her fans got freaked out about? A man peeping into the room who’s face is covered! I can’t believe my eyes, see over JLO’s shoulders.

Jennifer Lopez has been working out and has been sharing her gym selfies every now and then. But with this latest picture, fans couldn’t decide whether to compliment the singer or speculate why there was a man, staring into the room creepily.

Jennifer Lopez has not shed any light on what we see in her latest Instagram picture. However, a source close to Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod told a popular magazine something that could possibly solve this mystery. “Jen and Alex’s gym is attached to their office space. When they have a Zoom meeting, they project it on to a big screen, You can see Alex’s arm in the photo (he’s wearing a blue shirt),”

“The man in the photo was a business associate on Zoom (on the big screen) and his hand was covering his mouth. That is not a mask.” the insider continued. Well, we doubt we would hear anything from Jennifer Lopez on this, but we hope she continues to share her work out selfies with us.

By: Aatira Kakroo