John Legend Likes Doing it in the Dark

John Legend has a way of pulling at our heartstrings like no one else. After his hit single, ‘All of Me’ made its landing on the charts, many months went by where we’d sing it non-stop, which is completely understandable considering that the song’s a fantastic cocktail of soulful lyrics and a stunning melody. And now, it looks like Legend’s done it again!

He recently dropped “Conversations in the Dark”, which is honestly quite the tear-jerker. In fact, the track even features in the NBC drama ‘This Is Us’, which is rather fitting.

Lyrically, the track sounds a lot like vows written by a groom to his bride. “I will never try to change you, change you / I will always want the same you, same you,” Legend lays his heart bare in the chorus, promising a lifetime of love to his partner. “Swear on everything I pray to / That I won’t break your heart.” It’s sweet and intimate, making us feel as though we’ve chanced upon a love letter and simply continued to read because it’s been written so beautifully, privacy be damned.

To make the song even more impactful, Legend set the lyric video to home video-style clips of couples dancing in the kitchen, laughing, helping each other down the steps, and snuggling on the couch. So, if you’re in the mood for a good cry, well, John’s got just the thing for you.