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Joji Releases New Single Featuring Diplo: ‘Daylight’

Joji releases new single featuring Diplo

Singer-songwriter, Joji, has released a brand new single off his upcoming album, “Nectar”. The track, featuring DJ and producer, Diplo, is an upbeat departure from the star’s signature melancholic pop sound. 

‘Daylight’ marks the start of a new era in Joji’s music. And, if this is a taste of what’s to come, “Nectar” will shine a light on a new side of Joji, veering away from his slow paced alt-pop tunes. The release was accompanied by a chaotic, fun video starring Joji, Diplo and a group of plastic surgery regulars. 

‘Daylight’ sees Joji exploring familiar lyrical themes as he reflects on loneliness, following a failed relationship. No track from the star would be complete without shades of melancholia. But, the difference with this release is a sparkly, upbeat pop arrangement that compliments his vocal’s. Diplo lends his knack for production to create a slick, foot-tapping groove, taking this song in a new direction. 

While Joji serves up his signature lilts, mapping out the track, Diplo’s production wraps melancholy up in a package of pop grooves. ‘Daylight’ walks the line between familiarity and something new, with great ease. And, while we are yet to see what the follow up to Joji’s last album, “Ballads 1” will bring, this single is a comfortable entry into whatever lies ahead. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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