Jojo Siwa Fans Come For DaBaby After He Disses Her

On February 19th, rapper DaBaby dropped his freestyle over SpotemGottem’s ‘Beatbox’, and there’s a line in the lyrics and the video that seemingly insults JoJo Siwa.

“N—-, you a b—-/ JoJo Siwa, b—-/ She let the wrong n—- get rich,” DaBaby rhymes. The rapper holds up a photo of Jojo Siwa, in the video, smiling while he spits the line.

Fans Wonder Why?

Not surprising, the latest song of the rapper has left people asking many questions about his relationship with JoJo. For some, hearing her name in the song seemed out of the blue. Meanwhile, others were quick to burst into memes as they made fun of the height difference between JoJo and DaBaby.

A good portion of the YouTube and Twitter comments discusses the line rather than the overall merits of DaBaby’s freestyle. “That Jojo diss came right tf out of nowhere,” one person commented under the YouTube video.

One person said, “Is there some jojo siwa dababy beef i don’t know about?” Another comment read: “Just when you thought life couldn’t get any weirder, Dababy disses Jojo Siwa.” Some tried to find a plausible reason for the attack. “I feel like he just said Jojo siwa since it rhymed,” one person mused on YouTube. Another person said: “He wasn’t throwing shade at Jojo … it clearly shows that he was using her last name as in ‘see why’ instead of ‘Siwa.'”

Many have mused that DaBaby used the teen star’s name to start a controversy. “The Jojo line did exactly what DaBaby & other people involved in his camp wanted it to do,” wrote one person. “Stir up controversy & generate views.” A fan on Twitter agreed, commenting on DaBaby’s post, “He threw in that jojo line because he knew it would get people talking. Smart business moves only.”

DaBaby Explains

DaBaby has finally come out and explained the meaning behind his lyrics and apparently, he wasn’t talking about Jojo Siwa at all? Strange we would think that considering he specifically named her, while holding a picture of her?

One source claims that since DaBaby’s real name is Jonathan, and he uses “Siwa” as a twist on “See why,” him rapping “JoJo Siwa” is shorthand for “Jonathan see why.” 

DaBaby himself seemed to suggest this was the case, too, using “Siwa” in a similar way in a Tweet after the initial outburst took place.

DaBaby also Tweeted directly at Jojo Siwa and explained that his “3 year old princess is [her] number 1 fan,” and that his “word play went over” peoples’ heads: “All love on my end shawty, Keep [shining]! ?”

The matter still seems inconclusive. A smart business move to gain traction or a silly misunderstanding? Let us know what you think!

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan