Juice WRLD x The Weeknd Are Here: Reviewing ‘Smile’

The Weeknd x Juice WRLD collaboration is here

The Weeknd x Juice WRLD collaboration, ‘Smile’ dropped earlier today, amid much anticipation. And, as fans hit play on this brand new ode to love, there are multiple emotions at play. 

The posthumous release arrived on the music scene amid minimal promotion and maximum fanfare. ‘Smile’ is a collaboration between two of the biggest stars in the world, right now. And, add to that the glaring fact of the late Juice WRLD’s presence, and the weight of this release doubles.

‘Smile’ Showcases The Artists’ Signatures

‘Smile’ kicks off with Juice WRLD’s signature high-toned vocals over a trap-beat accompanied by a sparkly arrangement of keys. Juice opens the first verse with tone-setting lines. He sings, “I’d do anything in my power to see you just smile/ I want you to prosper and come proper/ Even if that means I ain’t by your side”.  In addition, he goes on to give listeners a taste of the vulnerability that has become signature of his work. The lines “Devil on my shoulder tellin’ me I’ll die soon/ I don’t really want that to impact you,” follow.

The Weeknd joins in on the second verse, levelling up with Juice on the emotional front. And, if Juice’s signature is vulnerability, The Weeknd’s is unapologetic (sometimes disarming) honesty. Abel goes on to sing of his inability to be present in a relationship. The lines say, “When our skin is touching, I need drugs to love you/ You want so much more from me, but I can only f**k you.”

Why This Collaboration is a Sure Shot

Complete with an air of familiarity, star power and vulnerable confession on both the artists’ side, ‘Smile’ is a sure shot earworm. And, while it may not be a path-breaking departure from the duo, the track is bound to land atop your daily mix playlists. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan