Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo Failed to Prove He Was The Strongest

In the world of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen,’ where Yuji Itadori’s affable demeanour captures hearts, Satoru Gojo has emerged as the face of the franchise. His unmatched powers, charismatic personality, and distinctive appearance have solidified his status as one of anime’s most iconic characters. Nevertheless, within the fan community, discussions persist regarding Gojo’s true role, whether he is an unequivocal powerhouse or, as some assert, a fraudulent character.

Detractors often point to instances where Gojo fell short of expectations, such as his inability to protect Riko Amanai and his struggles against Jogo in the Shibuya Incident. These setbacks fuel the scepticism surrounding Gojo’s proclaimed status as the strongest sorcerer. The zenith of doubt arises from his highly anticipated clash with Sukuna, the King of Curses. Despite an extraordinary display of prowess and a climactic showdown, Gojo meets his demise, prompting fans to question the validity of his earlier claims.

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However, a deeper exploration of Gojo’s character unveils a more nuanced perspective. His motivations extend beyond a mere quest for strength; he aspires to reconstruct the entire Jujutsu society. Betrayed by his closest ally, Geto, Gojo undergoes significant character development, recognizing the inherent flaws in the existing power structure. Rather than perpetuating a cycle of dominance, he adopts a new approach—dedicating himself to teaching and nurturing students who can lead with humility and compassion. His vision is to create a Jujutsu society that safeguards the weak and non-sorcerers, challenging the established norms.

While the community tends to label Gojo a fraud after his loss to Sukuna, his true strength lies in the intricate combination of his limitless technique, Six Eyes, and devastating elemental techniques. These attributes make him a formidable force, capable of effortlessly handling even the most potent curses. In the grand narrative, Gojo’s defeat may serve as a testament to the overwhelming might of Ryomen Sukuna, reinforcing Gojo’s actual strength rather than undermining it.

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The character of Satoru Gojo is not a mere caricature of power and prowess; his complexity lies in the amalgamation of personal struggles, evolving ideologies, and a profound commitment to reshaping the world he inhabits. The notion of Gojo as a fraud becomes a superficial analysis when considering the depth of his character.

Examining the intricate layers of Gojo’s character unveils a tapestry of motivations and ambitions. His experiences, from his teenage years in Jujutsu society to the aftermath of the Hidden Inventory arc, shape his worldview. The revelation of Gojo’s friendship with Suguru Geto, followed by Geto’s descent into evil, further solidifies Gojo’s resolve to challenge the existing societal norms.

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Gojo’s ultimate goal transcends the simplistic desire for personal strength. Rather than merely aspiring to be the strongest, he envisions a radical transformation of the Jujutsu society from its very foundations. Recognizing that those in power perpetuate the same views he once held—devaluing the weak and dismissing non-sorcerers as inconsequential—Gojo takes it upon himself to break this cycle.

His realization that eliminating the superiors would only lead to more rising in their place propels Gojo to a novel strategy. Instead of resorting to brute force, he becomes a mentor, guiding students with the potential to alter the course of Jujutsu society positively. This strategic shift in his approach reflects a profound understanding of the cyclic nature of power dynamics and a commitment to breaking free from it.

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The community’s tendency to label Gojo a fraud, particularly after his defeat by Sukuna, overlooks the essence of his character and the broader themes explored in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen.’ His loss in the highly anticipated battle against the King of Curses is not a negation of his strength but a poignant acknowledgement of the potency of Sukuna.

Gojo’s limitless technique, in conjunction with the Six Eyes, transforms him into a walking calamity. His Blue, Red and Purple techniques stand as some of the most destructive in the series, while his limitless ability acts as an impervious defence. The Six Eyes provide him with unparalleled control over cursed energy, making him an exceptional force to be reckoned with.

This amalgamation of abilities enables Gojo to effortlessly dispatch even the strongest curses, as evidenced by his encounters with the Disaster Curses. His defeat at the hands of Ryomen Sukuna, the strongest cursed energy user of all time, becomes a testament to Gojo’s formidable strength rather than a validation of the fraud narrative.

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The dream sequence following Gojo’s death adds another layer to his character. The revelation that Sukuna wasn’t utilizing his full power during their battle leaves fans disillusioned with Gojo and his seemingly empty claims throughout the series. Despite the praise from his formidable opponent, many seize this opportunity to reaffirm their stance on Gojo’s alleged fraudulence.

In retrospect, Gojo’s character undergoes significant development throughout the series, propelled by the challenges and betrayals he faces. His friendship with Geto, the subsequent betrayal, and the aftermath of the Hidden Inventory arc contribute to his evolving worldview. Gojo’s dedication to fostering a new generation of sorcerers who prioritize compassion and humility reflects a profound commitment to creating lasting change in the Jujutsu society.

-Britney Jones