Jujutsu Kaisen’s Strongest Shikigami Users

In the wild world of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen,’ Shikigami are the VIP guests at a supernatural showdown. These monstrous sidekicks are like the sorcerer’s entourage in a cosmic battle. Powerful sorcerers flex their mystical muscles with these creatures by their side, unleashing chaos and mayhem. Check out the strongest Shikigami users below. 

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Megumi Fushiguro: Megumi Fushiguro was born with the extraordinary 10 Shadows Technique. This innate ability grants him the power to summon a diverse array of Shikigami by harnessing the enigmatic energy of shadows. Over the years, Megumi has wielded these mystical entities with finesse, turning them into formidable allies in the battle against curses. Among his arsenal of Shikigami, none stand taller than Mahoraga, the crowned jewel of his spectral companions.

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Yuki Tsukumo: Yuki Tsukumo holds the prestigious title of a Special Grade Sorcerer, a league of their own. Her ace in the mystical deck is none other than Garuda, a formidable Shikigami that dances in harmony with her cursed technique, Star Rage. The aftermath of Shibuya witnessed Garuda unfurl its might, revealing an unparalleled potency. 

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Yuta Okkotsu: Yuta boasts a standout skill: Copy. Amidst his impressive repertoire, this ability shines as the crown jewel. Copy grants Yuta the power to mimic the cursed techniques of others, showcasing its prowess during the Culling Game Arc. In a memorable encounter with Dhruv, Yuta seamlessly replicated his Shikigami technique, subsequently unleashing a personalized variant of this power.

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Dagon: Dagon, a formidable curse, showed unparalleled strength during the Shibuya Incident arc. In a showdown against the collective force of Nanami, Megumi, Maki and Naobito, Dagon spared no effort, unleashing the full extent of his powers. The encounter revealed his mastery as a shikigami user within his domain. 

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Hiromi Higuruma: Hiromi Higuruma wields an imposing cursed technique amplified by his enigmatic shinigami, Judgeman. Resembling Lady Justice herself, Judgeman brandishes a scale, a symbolic embodiment of its unparalleled knowledge about those within the domain. Despite its omniscient awareness, Judgeman selectively withholds information from Hiromi. The verdict rendered by Judgeman hinges on Hiromi’s persuasive prowess during the proceedings. 

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Junpei Yoshino: Junpei, an early fan-favourite character, initially was an ordinary human in the story. His tragic demise left fans mourning, but it was the unexpected turn in his narrative that truly captivated audiences. From perceiving curses to mastering cursed techniques, Junpei’s evolution was nothing short of extraordinary. 

The revelation of his newfound power to summon shikigami, especially the lethal jellyfish variety, added a gripping layer to his character. These mystical companions not only shielded him in battle but also became potent weapons, delivering poison and unleashing formidable appendages on his adversaries. 

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Dhruv Lakdawalla: Dhruv Lakdawalla, an ancient sorcerer entangled in the Culling Game, may not have been the heavyweight of the battlefield, but his prowess as a shikigami user set him apart. Deploying two formidable shikigami, one rumoured to be a nightmarish rodent-like beast, Dhruv showcased a skill that left fans in awe. Despite not claiming the title of the strongest fighter, his strategic shikigami manoeuvres propelled him to an impressive score of over 90 points during the intense Culling Game arc. 

-Britney Jones