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Julia Fox Calls Out Kanye West’s Red Flags

Actress Julia Fox recently shared insights into her past relationship with rapper and producer Kanye West, revealing that there were “definitely some red flags.” The ‘Uncut Gems’ actor, who dated Kanye for a month last year, opened up about this in a candid interview while discussing her new memoir, ‘Down the Drain.’

Julia reflected on her initial decision to “turn a blind eye” to certain concerns in the budding relationship, emphasizing the allure of the new romance. “It felt like a relief in the beginning, ‘Oh finally someone else can take the reins,'” she explained. However, she also acknowledged that the relationship eventually became “unsustainable,” leading to its one-month duration.

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For those unfamiliar with the context, Julia and Kanye, who now goes by the name Ye, went public with their romance in January 2022. Simultaneously, Kanye was making headlines with his public pleas for a reunion with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, who had filed for divorce nearly a year earlier. Julia consistently emphasized the “instant connection” she shared with Ye and dismissed claims that her involvement with him was for “clout.”

Despite the initial enthusiasm, the relationship was short-lived, with Julia and Ye parting ways as Kanye continued to express his desire to reunite with Kim. Julia has not publicly dated anyone since, while Kanye reportedly married former Yeezy employee, Bianca Censori in November 2022, just two months after his divorce from Kim was finalized. Kim remained relatively silent on the matter, refraining from publicly commenting on Ye and Julia’s whirlwind romance.

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Julia’s memoir, ‘Down the Drain,’ released earlier this month, delves into the behind-the-scenes details of her breakup with Ye. She describes how their relationship began to unravel right after her 32nd birthday party in February.

Julia noted that Ye appeared “distant and preoccupied” during the lavish event, even though he gifted her and her friends with Birkin bags. She described how Ye orchestrated multiple retakes of the moment he gave them these designer bags for the cameras, which left her questioning his “true intentions” and suspecting the whole thing was a “publicity stunt.”

The situation escalated when Ye expressed a desire to leave the party and attend another event. Julia accompanied him but later regretted her decision, leading to increased tension between them. The next day, she messaged Ye, expressing that she was no longer “having fun” in their relationship. His response, “If you loved me, you would support me,” left her questioning their bond.

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Julia recounted a final phone conversation with Ye, during which he revealed that he had a “good conversation” with his “soon-to-be-ex-wife.” She writes about Ye’s shock at learning about her past he***n addiction, to which she responded that she had disclosed this information earlier. The conversation became increasingly heated.

In her memoir, Julia expressed how she felt used by Ye as a pawn in a “grand master plan” to get back at Kim. She found the entire experience “humiliating” and emphasized the challenging position it placed her in.

In other news, West has announced a listening event with Ty Dolla $ign.

-Britney Jones

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