Jungkook of BTS Announces Solo Album, ‘Golden’

Jungkook, one of the shining stars of the globally loved K-pop group BTS, is set to break records in the music industry with the announcement of his debut solo album, ‘Golden.’ The BTS band member and soloist is gearing up for the release of his debut album on 3rd November via BIGHIT MUSIC. Fans got this exciting news on Weverse, the global fandom life platform.

‘Golden’ boasts 11 tracks, including the previously acclaimed hits ‘Seven’ featuring Latto and ‘3D’ featuring Jack Harlow. For more details about the record, check out Weverse. 

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Jungkook’s decision to embark on a solo venture does not mean any break within the BTS family. Rather, it reflects the group’s commitment to allowing each member to explore their artistic expressions independently. Fans can be assured that BTS will continue to thrive as a group, while Jungkook dips his feet in the solo music scene.

The visual for the upcoming album alone was enough to set Twitter on fire, with fans breaking down every pixel for clues about the album’s concept.

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During a recent Stationhead livestream, the singer addressed some comments about haters. When one listener mentioned they were considering supporting other idol groups, Jungkook responded calmly, saying they were free to do so but expressed his gratitude for those who supported him. He acknowledged the presence of critics and even expressed a unique form of appreciation for their attention, although he made it clear that he didn’t particularly like them.

Jung Kook, called the ‘Golden Maknae’ of BTS, aptly named his debut album ‘Golden.’ This project draws inspiration from the golden moments in Jungkook’s solo career. With his unique yet recognizable voice, Jungkook is ready to mesmerize listeners worldwide once again. 

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This solo LP comes after a series of successful solo singles like ‘Euphoria,’ ‘My Time,’ ‘Still With You’ and ‘My You’, not to mention his collaborations with artists like Lauv on ‘Who’ and Charlie Puth on the hit single ‘Left and Right’ in 2022. 

In the world of K-pop, Jungkook’s ‘Golden’ announcement is, no doubt, one of the most significant and exciting events of the year. The countdown has begun, and fans are ready to experience this new chapter in the life of a golden star.

Image Courtesy: Billboard

In other BTS news, Suga has enlisted in the military, becoming the third member to do so, following Jin and J-hope. However, Suga will serve as a social service agent due to being ruled unfit for regular combat duty. He expressed his thanks to fans on Weverse before his enlistment, promising to return in 2025.

With a voice that can melt hearts, a face that can turn any head, and a charisma that knows no bounds, Jungkook has long been a standout member of BTS. His solo project has been highly anticipated, and ‘Golden’ promises to be a musical experience like no other.

-Britney Jones