Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ Becomes The Fastest Song to Reach 1 Billion Streams on Spotify

South Korean singer Jungkook, a prominent member of the globally acclaimed K-pop boyband BTS, has again captured the spotlight, this time for a remarkable milestone on Spotify.

Spotify took to Twitter to announce that Jungkook’s debut solo single, ‘Seven,’ featuring Latto, had achieved the feat of becoming the fastest song to reach 1 billion streams on the platform, accomplishing this feat in a mere 108 days since its release.

‘Seven’ not only shattered records on Spotify but also made waves on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it secured the top position, marking a historic moment in Jungkook’s career. He is now the second BTS member to achieve this remarkable feat, following in the footsteps of his bandmate Jimin, who achieved a similar milestone with ‘Like Crazy’ earlier this year.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone UK

Jungkook has been on a roll, and the excitement surrounding his solo career is building to a fever pitch. Following the success of ‘Seven,’ he treated fans to another musical gem, a collaboration with Grammy-nominated rapper Jack Harlow titled ‘3D.’ Both ‘Seven’ and ‘3D’ will be featured on Jungkook’s highly anticipated debut solo album, ‘Golden,’ which is set to release on 3rd November.

‘Golden’ promises to be a musical journey, as it brings together an eclectic mix of talents. In addition to Latto and Jack Harlow, Jungkook’s album will feature collaborations with DJ Snake and Major Lazer. Moreover, fans can look forward to songs written by renowned artists like Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the album’s release.

Image Courtesy: Asian Junkie

One notable aspect of ‘Golden’ that has sparked intrigue among fans is the dynamic shift in Jungkook’s musical narrative. ‘Seven,’ with its catchy and vibrant tones, stands in stark contrast to his upcoming song ‘Hate You.’ The preview video of ‘Golden’ gives us a glimpse of this emotional rollercoaster. 

In ‘Hate You,’ Jungkook sings, “I’m going to hate you. I’m going to hate you. I’m going to blame you for things that you don’t do. Hating you is the only way it doesn’t hurt.” This poignant and heart-wrenching ballad takes listeners on a different journey, one that explores themes of love and heartbreak profoundly and emotionally. Fans have quickly appreciated this duality in Jungkook’s artistry, as he transitions from buying flowers in ‘Seven’ to throwing them away in ‘Hate You.’

Image Courtesy: Los Angeles Times

The range of emotions and storytelling in ‘Golden’ is resonating strongly with fans, and they have already hailed it as a potential ‘Album of the Year’ based on the preview video alone. Jungkook’s soulful voice and the captivating narrative he weaves into his songs have left fans eagerly anticipating the album’s full release on 3rd November,

In addition to his solo endeavours, Jungkook has also made recent appearances, such as his collaboration with The Kid Laroi on the single ‘Too Much,’ which also featured UK rapper Central Cee. This song is expected to be part of The Kid Laroi’s upcoming debut album ‘The First Time,’ set to release in November.

-Britney Jones