Justin Bieber Accused For Sexual Assault

The Canadian popstar, Justin Bieber is accused for sexual assault by two women on Twitter. One of the women, Danielle wrote her statement via Twitter, she claims that the singer sexually assaulted her on March 9,2014.

The woman reveals that she met Justin Bieber at an event held at Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Gardens in Austin, Texas. Apparently, they went back to Four Seasons Hotel after the event, where the assault took place without any consent. The tweets have been deleted as Justin’s team responded saying he was not staying in the hotel that night.

Right after this escalated, woman named Kadi tweeted as well claiming that the incident took place in 2015. Apparently, Justin Bieber’s bodyguard invited her to Langham Hotel in New York City. “I believe Danielle, I am a victim of sexual assault by Justin Bieber too” Kadi said.


Well, we don’t need an investigation bureau to dig into this, Justin Bieber has solved the whole case by himself for all of us. As the accusations created a chaos, the singer decided to address them in a series of tweets which prove his innocence.

Justin Bieber claims that he was attending the event with his then girlfriend, Selena Gomez along with his ex assistant making it impossible for the assault to occur.

The ‘Sorry‘ singer took the effort to search the internet to find some evidence. He tweets an article claiming his presence with Selena Gomez, let’s all just thank the internet.

In order to shed some light on the timing of the alleged assault, Justin Bieber shares details about how he wasn’t in Austin during the night.

Justin Bieber knows how to defend himself, I mean we should honestly learn from him. Further, he tells us why someone could have thought that he was present at the Four Seasons Hotel however that’s not true.

Where was Justin Bieber that night? Well, he was with his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez at an Airbnb. As he attaches a lot of evidence, it’s clear that he spent the night with her and some friends.

Justin Bieber defended himself so well that it seems like rumours are just going to shut themselves down. Well, we are glad that he spoke out as we don’t want to find our ‘Baby‘ singer in between all this.

Honestly, we are waiting for Selena Gomez to say something regarding Justin Bieber’s tweets, because why not? Does this whole situation make you wonder how is Hailey Bieber handling the situation?

By : Aatira Kakroo