Justin Bieber And Ariana Grande are ‘Stuck With U’

It looks like there’s a new collab on the horizon and all fingers are pointing towards Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. After a playful string of tweets between the two, they finally confirmed the news.


Justin Bieber posted a little graphic of two figures cooped up inside a house, a rather endearing drawing, we have to admit. He captioned the piece saying, “I want to see you guys having fun in quarantine. This is the prom song for everyone who can’t go to prom now. Tweet us videos using #stuckwithu or #stuckwithuvideo of you in your prom dresses or suits with your loved ones having fun or dancing to the instrumental. If you don’t have that just have fun with your loved ones.” 

This new hit titled  ‘Stuck With U‘ will be their first ever collaboration together. And the music video is most definitely going to be heartwarming as they plan to collect home videos from their fans world over and create a simple little montage.

The song is out on the 8th of May and the proceeds go toward First Responders Children’s Foundation.