Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande Take You to Prom

The world’s biggest pop icons, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have joined forces to put out a brand new collab titled, ‘Stuck With U’. This tune will benefit the First Responders Children’s Foundation, a charitable organization that finds its space as a part of their manager, Scooter Braun’s SB Projects.

First Responders Children’s Foundation funds grants and scholarships for children of healthcare workers, paramedics and a number of other frontline fighters.But perhaps what makes this song even more charming is the fact that it’s a dedication to all students who aren’t able to make it to Prom this year.

Coronavirus: Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber record charity song ...

So, here’s how it all began. After a string of playful tweets, both Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande posted a sweet little drawing on Instagram. It showed two little stick figures sitting inside a house, a perfect representation of all of us in quarantine. In his caption, Justin Bieber encouraged everyone to send in videos of them in their Prom dresses/suits, maybe even dancing with a loved one. And voila, that’s how this montage was born.

Prior to the release, Ariana Grande also took to social media to say this: “This moment really means so much more than it ever could have if it had happened any other way or if it had been any other song.” She continued, “Being able to lend our voices to this project and collaborating on this has been so fulfilling and I really just love this song so much.”

The song itself is a fine cocktail between Grande’s sultry vocals and Bieber’s gentle melodies. As expected, their voices complement each other extremely well. The lyrics too, are well thought out and quite charming.

We thought about breaking up, but now we know it’s much too late

We are bound by all the rest

Like the same phone number

All the same friends

And the same address

Yes, it’s true, I’m happy to be stuck with you

It almost feels like a look at love in its fetal stages: pleasant, playful and often resulting in the occurrence of butterflies in the tummy.

A Look At the Music Video

Now, coming to the video, it’s simply a scoop full of fluff. Between lovey-dovey messages held up on chart paper, and slow dancing couples – it’s quite the tear jerker. Not to mention the adorable clips of Ariana Grande cuddling with her loved one – which appears to be her dog. And of course, Justin and Hailey Bieber out on a rather scenic stroll.

All in all, this project is so very touching and wholesome. Also, considering the fact that both Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande are such big influences to each other, watching this collab unfold has been the best kind of treat.