Justin Bieber Cant Stop Doing This !!

Changes: The Moment has arrived with two brand new videos. One for the track ‘Running Over’ and the other for ‘Second Emotion’. As expected, both deliver some stunning choreography, great use of lighting and of course, space.

Now, before we dive right into the videos, it’s time for a brief trip down memory lane. Remember that one scene in the cult classic, ‘High School Musical’ where Troy Bolton and his buddy, Chad, are attempting to fix their car but decide to have an impromptu dance break halfway through? Well, ‘Running Over’ is slightly similar, except this time, the car showroom (if we can call it that) has got a bunch of sparkly wheels. Oh and not to mention the dramatic fluorescent lighting and intense choreo routine.

Along the same brush stroke, is the video for ‘Second Emotion’ which takes place in a basement, with a strong troupe of dancers. Both the choreo and the feel of this video is a lot more suave and sleek, making it gel quite well with Justin’s melodies. What makes this routine so interesting is the way it transitions from a quick pace to something a lot more mellow.

So, once again, kudos to Bieber’s longtime choreographer/creative director, Nick DeMoura, because every piece of choreography is so widely different from the other that it makes the videos such a treat to watch.