Justin Bieber, Drake, and Others Come Together with Compelling Messages

On April 26, a number of big Canadian names in the music industry came together for Food Bank Canada’s effort to mitigate the pandemic’s effect on the people in the country who need essential supplies and can’t afford them at the moment.

Among them were Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Drake, Alessia Cara, Shania Twain, and more. 

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Justin was joined by his wife — Hailey, as he sang a beautiful rendition of ‘Lean On Me’ with Michael Buble, Avril Lavigne, and others.

He also had this to say: “Just wanted to let you guys know we are here in Canada with you guys. We are enduring this as a country together. We are sending our love and prayers.”

The mini-concert also saw Drake come out and speak to his fans and supporters, delivering an important message:

“I want to start off by saying hats off to all the artists who performed, showcased their talents tonight for a good cause. I want to send all my love, all my gratitude, all my support out to the frontline workers,” he said as we listened on. 

He continued, “to the people who are at home right now, abiding by the rules, self-isolating, who feel unaffected or not yet affected by the situation directly. I know it can still weigh on your mental health. I want to urge everybody that’s in their own space to find the silver lining in the times we’re living through right now.”

Some big truth in there, and some motivation too!