Justin Bieber Drops his Intention With Quavo

Justin Bieber is back again, this week, with the third single from his upcoming album “Changes”. The single is a familiar trap song featuring frequent collaborator Quavo. The two have worked with each other twice before, both times with features on DJ Khaled songs – I’m The One and No Brainer.

The collaboration is comfortable, neither of them venturing very far from their individual sound; Justin stays close to the pop-trap sound that has been his signature for the past few years.

The track and official music video dropped at the same time, offering a visual story of equity, the fight for survival and charity on Justin and Quavo’s part, courtesy the Alexandria House – a home that provides shelter and resources for those in need. The video follows the stories of three people – Bahri, Mercy and Angela – three women of colour and different cultures who have been denied the opportunity to fair rights and an acceptable standard of living.

Intentions is a song about staying true to your heart, and doing your best for the one you love. While it’s clear that Justin is referring to Hailey Bieber, his wife, the video attempts to detail people’s struggles and fight for equality.