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Justin Bieber Explains His Inks After Dropping “Justice”

Justin Bieber Tattoos Stories

We all have seen Justin Bieber’s evolution over these years, from a young boy to a man. Not only JB has evolved with his music but also with his perspectives about life. And what better way to remember each phase by getting inked to represent it?

Justin Bieber spoke with Vogue after dropping his sixth studio album, “Justice”, an album dedicated to Hailey Baldwin. JB spoke about various topics during his photo shoot with the magazine. From calling himself a ‘hopeless romantic’ to speaking about his mental health, faith and also, his tattoos.

Justin Bieber Gives Us An Insight Into His Tattoos!

Knowing JB, one knows he loves his tattoos, but the stories behind each one are even more valuable to him. First, the big one on his torso, ‘Purpose’, the title of his fourth studio album, as well. Then, there’s the Japanese Kanji character from “Music” on his neck and right arm. The tattoo love is real, isn’t it Justin?

Justin says, “The bear, which I got in New Zealand, represents rest. As tough and resilient as a bear is, it always hibernates, which is so important. We as humans go, go, and go without resting and it can leave us exhausted and drained.”

Justin continues, “The lion I got done by the tattoo artist Bang Bang, and it represents having the heart of a lion. Being bold, courageous, strong!” These two are just a few among a bunch of animal-inspired inks. “I also love the bird on my neck that I got from Dr Woo. It’s a reminder to use the gifts God has given me and give it all I have—to fly above all of the bullshit.”

Justin Bieber also speaks about how he connects his religious beliefs with his inks. He says, “The cross in the middle of my chest is a symbol of my faith and a reminder of what Jesus endured to rectify all that was broken.” Moving to speak about his imperfections, he says, “The rose on my neck from Dr Woo reminds me that even though I’m flawed, beauty shines even through our rough edges.” Deep!

We’re in love with these pictures and the story he’s telling us through his tattoos, surely inspiring. Waiting for more inks from him, in the future.

By: Aatira Kakroo

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