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Justin Bieber Goes On A Dangerous Mission

Justin Bieber is out with his new music video for his latest track, ‘Hold On’ which is part of his upcoming album, “Justice”. The singer seems to have taken on a dangerous mission in the video.

Justin Bieber is seen on a motorbike, and not just stranded but escaping the cops who’re tailing the singer. Hold on, that’s not it, he even takes a bullet. But, that doesn’t stop him. Ah, to see him hurt, hurts our hearts.

Eventually, you see why JB is on the run, for all the ‘mistakes’ he’s made. Especially, stealing a bundle of cash. Justin isn’t alone in the video, Christine Ko, the actress is also part of it. As she plays many roles in the video, one of them also includes her being terminally ill. And, of course, our man is by her side.

Undoubtedly, the music video is bound to give you chills as it’s directed by Colin Tiley. Justin Bieber is asking his lover to hold on and that it’s alright to make mistakes. Though we can agree that his songwriting isn’t that complex, however, there’s just something about how he sings and delivers. Mindblowing!

“Justice” Is On Its Way!

‘Hold On’ is part of Justin Bieber’s upcoming sixth studio album, “Justice” which is set to release on 19th March. The album has already featured songs like, ‘Holy’, ‘Lonely’ and ‘Anyone’. All these tracks have gotten great success, already. With amazing storytelling and even better collaborative artists.

Going by Justin Bieber’s releases for the album, we’re quite sure that ‘Justice’ is going to bring him many nods in award shows and also nomination lists. Also, he might be trying to tell us a story through these music videos. They’re pretty altruistic even though he’s seen stealing in the latest one, it’s for a cause. Right?

Can’t wait! Stay tuned to, we’ll keep you up to date.

By: Aatira Kakroo

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