Justin Bieber Has Done It Again

Justin Beiber just released the first two music videos for his “Changes” visual album, this is his fifth studio album which was released on 14th February this year. The album has 17 tracks mainly centering around hopeless romantic love.

“Habitual” and “All around me” are recently released music videos. Mainly centered on dance and movement, the videos are flooding the internet with awe and wonder at Justin’s production skills since it’s release.

“Habitual” starts off with a troupe of dancers who are introduced in pairs , busting out cool moves in some kind of a rundown basement , which we later realize is the backstage of a stage. The camera pans as the group meets on stage for their final ensemble. The routine ending with a couple embracing as the curtains close was choreographed by Tessandra Chaves an Emmy winning choreographer who help Bieber emphasis his message of love in the track.

The other music video was “All Around Me” which was set in a closed more intimate space. This video showed only two people performing throughout the track similar to Justin’s earlier track “You should go and love yourself”. However unlike the latter “All around me” offered no sense of space as the walls of the room close in forcing them to be around eachother , Literally! This was directed by Phillip Chbeeb an alum of So You Think You Can Dance , a TV
reality dance show.

Nick DeMoura , Beiber’s longtime choreographer/creative director directed both videos. Justin thanked him in a post about “Changes”. Justin has announced that new videos will be released on his youtube channel every monday and wednesday until all the tracks in “Changes” has a video.