Justin Bieber Has Moved From ‘Justice’ To ‘Freedom’

Justin Bieber Freedom

Justin Bieber has taken the world by a huge surprise, it’s not even been a month since his last studio album dropped, ‘Justice’ and we’re already getting more from him. The ‘Baby’ singer has dropped an EP, ‘Freedom’ out of the blue.

Justin Bieber just took to his social media to post a screenshot of his note on his phone which reads, ‘Freedom’. The singer captioned the picture, “Freedom on all platforms”. Well, is this normal? And, it gets better, the same screenshot is the cover art of this EP.

It might look like one didn’t take much effort on the cover art however, the on the EP? Surely Justin has! ‘Freedom’ consists of six songs, the title track “Freedom” with Beam, “All She Wrote” (feat. Brandon Love and Chandler Moore), “We’re in This Together,” “Where You Go I Follow” (feat. Pink Sweats, Chandler Moore and Judah Smith), “Where Do I Fit In” (feat. Tori Kelly, Chandler Moore and Judah Smith) and “Afraid to Say” (feat. Lauren Walters).

Justin Bieber Moves From ‘Justice’!

Justin Bieber is making sure to make our 2021, even better. ‘Justice’ dropped on March 18th and consisted of sixteen tracks and, surely the album won fans’ hearts in no time. With hits like, ‘Anyone’, ‘Peaches’, ‘Holy’, ‘Lonely’ and more, it’s continued to do well even on the Billboard 200 chart.

Recently, Justin Bieber also became the only artist to debut on No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 simultaneously with his track. ‘Peaches’ and of course with his album, ‘Justice’.

Can anyone stop Justin Bieber? We don’t think so! The singer is bound to not let the rest of 2021 go quietly, we’re pretty sure there are more surprises in the bag!

By: Aatira Kakroo