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Justin Bieber Promises A Treat In One Week

Fresh of his buzzing cameo on DJ Khaled and Drake’s hit music video for the track, ‘Popstar’, it looks like Justin Bieber has refused to give his fans even a minute to catch their breath. And it all started when he took to Twitter to put up a rather cryptic tweet. 

The young star simply tweeted two words without offering any explanation whatsoever: “ONE WEEK” his mysterious message read. Thankfully not long after, his manager, Scooter Braun cleared some of the air. He dropped the hashtag  “#newerabegins???”. Well, we’ll take whatever crumbs we can get. And since then, the flood gates were opened. 

Twitter soon witnessed a sea of retweets, likes and speculations. Of all the theories, perhaps one of the most exciting ones was of a possible collaboration with BTS. While both acts have often voiced their admiration for each other and even dropped a few covers, there’s been no confirmation from either side regarding this. 

Since the release of his fifth studio album, “Changes” back in February, Justin has been tremendously active on the music front. Not only did he release a gorgeous, cinematic string of dance performance videos for all the tracks sitting on this album, but he also tied up with Ariana Grande for a pretty little tune. 

‘Stuck With U’ went on to create an ever bigger buzz upon its release in May. The tune soared through charts across the globe and even managed to score the duo a VMAs win in the brand new Video From Home category. 

So, while the seasoned star has been the talk of the town for a while, in one week’s time, there’s a possibility that something much bigger is on its way to us.

By: Nina Karun

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