Justin Bieber Stars As The ‘Popstar’ in Drake & DJ Khaled’s Video

On September 4, 2020, Drake and DJ Khaled finally dropped the official music video for their track ‘POPSTAR’. The long eight minutes and five-second video features the one and only Justin Bieber. Unexpected right? However, we can’t really think anyone else could have done justice to the video, as he did.

The action-packed music video of ‘Popstar’ has already racked up over 25 million views, and at this rate, there’s no telling what records it’ll be breaking. The video opens with collaborators Drake and DJ Khaled who are separated by the pandemic, talking about the logistics of shooting the video.


Drake suddenly seems to have a solution to this problem, and as we all know, the quick fix to all problems is Justin Bieber. Before we knew it, the ‘Baby‘ singer was on our screens and he took over the entire video of ‘Popstar’.

The song ‘POPSTAR’ then begins playing, and the camera follows Justin Bieber all around. Through the video, the star raps and sings the lyrics of the entire track. Even the part about Selena Gomez, and as expected, the internet did come to a hold.

Additionally, Biebs’ interacts with a number of recognisable and also goes through a series of extravagant outfits. Ranging from his wife Hailey Bieber to a number of influencers and YouTubers, like King Bach, the video has it all. JB’s manager, Scooter Braun, also makes a special appearance as his name is mentioned in the lyrics of the track.


Through the ‘Popstar’ video that is directed by ‘Director X’, we are taken on a fun-filled adventure that certainly lives up to the hype-level that the track itself has. However, this wasn’t the end. The video comes together with a sketch between the Biebers which gives us the impression that the party may have just been a dream. And as the couple begins to walk away, JB receives a call from Drake, and with that, the video comes to an end.

The track is slated to be on DJ Khaled’s upcoming studio album “Khaled Khaled”. The album does not have a release date yet however we have no doubts that it’s going to be the most happening “another one”.

By: Aatira Kakroo