Justin Bieber’s Getting Yummier in 2020!

Pop giant Justin Bieber is coming for all of us in 2020 and we can’t wait. The singer dropped a series of dates on his Instagram last week – the 24th and 31st of December and the 3rd of January, a few days ago, and that was enough to have fans in a frenzy.

Well, the 24th of December came, and Justin delivered. Bieber dropped what he calls a “supertrailer” on his YouTube channel announcing the arrival of his new music era. The trailer begins with a monologue by Justin explaining the context of the album, and why it is the most special music project he has worked on till date. The trailer is set in a barren desert, Bieber clad in his usual “drew” merchandise. It goes on to give fans a sneak peek of what is presumably his new single, dropping on the 3rd of January, titled “Yummy”.

With the announcement of the single, also came the reveal of a brand new tour and a new docu-series. A tour announcement is always the most awaited for by fans, after an album release, and look what we have here – a tour before the album. Fans were particularly excited to see what the docu-series would bring. If the monologue, and general tone of the trailer is any indication, this era may offer up Justin at his most vulnerable and transparent moments – an interesting narrative for someone who has always been at the centre of the media, but about whom we really know nothing.

The upcoming album is set to be Bieber’s first full-fledged solo release post the Purpose era in 2015. He has never left fans starving, featuring on multiple chart topping tracks in the years between, but hey, there’s nothing better than some good old Bieber fever!