Justin Joins The List Of Artist Hit By Corona

Now joining the ever updating list of 2020 artists who have had to address the chaos caused by COVID-19 is none other than Justin Bieber. Justin is embarking on the “Changes” tour round the States and the latest news is that he is having to size down on the ambitions he had for the tour. There is no official announcement from Bieber’s team but it is being reported that a number of stadiums, at least eight of them, have been swapped for smaller venues as the team is expecting a massive slowdown in the number of tickets they would be able to sell given the pandemic that surrounds the virus world over.

This is in addition to a number of similar conformations we have heard so far from artists like Avril Lavigne, who was to be touring Hong Kong, Tokyo, Nanjing, Osaka and Taipei and had to eventually cancel. In addition, the K-pop sensation BTS had to cancel their home country tour of South Korea. Also, the UK grime king Stormzy had to disappoint his Asia fans in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore owing to Coronavirus.

Though this is a bummer, it is also great that the artists have put the safety of their fans first and decided to take on the responsibility of canceling their tours. Stay safe, folks!