Justin Timberlake and Anderson Paak Have Droppd Their Tune

Listen up and don’t slack! Justin Timberlake and Anderson Paak are out with a brand new collaborative track titled ‘Don’t Slack’ which is features on the ‘Trolls World Tour’ animated film. Looks like Justin is back to his good ol’ days of voice acting and this is great news for everyone.

On the track we find .Paak joining in Justin with lyrics like: “I’m up before the rooster, you dig? / I had to jump the moon to get big.”

Justin joins in with: “Imagine all the lives that we could change / You don’t even know the power you got in them legs.”

Which is a great way of saying the things he eventually did on the Apple Beats interview with Zane Lowe, “I told him as well, I was like, ‘You need to enjoy your moment, bro.’ He played me new stuff the other day. That dude is so gifted. He’s so good.” The bromance is strong here and that’s what comes through in their music too!