K-pop star Sulli no more

Choi Jin Ri, famously known as Sulli, a member of the famous girl group f(x), was reported dead on 14th October 2019 around 3:20 pm KST in Seoul. The 25 year old K-pop singer/actress was found unconscious at her Seongnam residence by her manager after he failed to get in touch with her and immediately reported it to the police once he found her. She was pronounced dead at her residence by the police. SM Entertainment, the agency who managed her activities confirmed the news later that day.

It was reported to be a suicide by the officials, although no note suggesting the same was found; a journal memo was found which documented her daily activities. She was an outspoken celebrity in South Korea adressing pressing social issues like racism, sexism, etc within the country. She was often a victim of hate online as she received backlash from netizens for the way she dressed or appeared to look on her social media, leading her into episodes of depression – a fact known to the public. She took a hiatus from the activities of her group in 2014 as she was suffering from stress arising from the circulation of rumors about her personal life.

Sulli permanently left the girl group ‘(f)x’ in August 2015 to focus on her acting career. The K-pop industry is mourning her death and many artists have canceled their schedules to mourn her death. Many celebrities have expressed their love and condolences over social media. SM Entertainment later announced that her funeral and mourning will be held privately and has requested the media to not interfere with the grieving.