Kanye West and Travis Scott Serve Up: ‘Wash Us In The Blood’

Wash us in the blood

Who knew Kanye West would actually come through and deliver on his promises? 

Rapper and producer, Kanye West, teases fans with the release of a “forthcoming album“, furthering that a single from the project would reach us very soon. And, he’s served up. Late last night, West took to Twitter to announce the release of ‘Wash Us In The Blood‘ – a single featuring fellow rapper, Travis Scott. 


Kanye West last released music in December, 2019, when his Christmas album – “Jesus is King” was released. The album was an auditory project that solidified his stance to perform “Christian oriented rap and music”, featuring none of his own vocals. Previous to that was the release of “Yeezus”, his 2013 studio album. 

Cut to 2020, and Kanye West is serving up a new-age rap game. Fans have dubbed ‘Wash Us In The Blood’ a combination of sounds from his previous two releases. Featuring Travis Scott, biblical references and a whole new sound in the rap game, West is out to redefine his sound. 


The release of the track was accompanied by a music video. And for those questioning Kanye’s loyalty to the Black Lives Matter movement, this video makes a pretty obvious statement.

Steeped in Biblical references, Kanye West asks that Christ’s blood rain down on people, washing away their sins. In some evangelical dictation, Kanye sings:

Outside let it rain/ Rain down on the pain/ Rain down on the slain/ Rain down for my mom/ Rain down on the farm/Shower us with your love/ Wash us in the blood“.

Kanye does an interesting job of detailing the black experience of those in America with the lines: “Wash us in the blood/Whole life being thugs/No choice selling drugs/Genocide what it does/Mass incarce- what it does.”

The music video for ‘Wash Us In The Blood’ currently stands at 2 million views and remains the #1 trending video in the U.S. And with new music, Kanye West serves us with a cold reminder – it sometimes is Kanye’s world, and we’re just living in it.

By: Ahalya Narayanan