Kanye West, Jay-Z Reunite on New 'Donda' Song - Rolling Stone
Image courtesy: Rolling Stone

Kanye West has dropped a new music video for his track, ’24’ from his latest album ‘Donda’. The new work honors his late mother after whom the album has been named. 

Image courtesy: Getty Images 

The visual is a follow-up to his Donda listening event at Atlanta where he had ascended to the skies at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The music video opens with the singer floating above the skies while the applause and cheer of a fictional audience can be heard in the backdrop. 

The video also captures West’s late mother, Donda West, who can be seen smiling in the clips. She had passed away following complications in her surgery in 2007. After undergoing liposuction and a breast reduction, Donda, then 58, had left the hospital but died at home the next day.  The autopsy concluded that the death was due to heart failure as a result of multiple postoperative factors. The tragedy prompted the then California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to tighten cosmetic surgery laws with the Donda West Act, which requires that all cosmetic surgery patients receive prior medical clearance following a physical examination.

Catch the music video for ’24’ below.