Kanye West is a bank full of crazy ideas!

A week after he announced his renewed faith in Christianity , the 42 year old star covered his body in metallic paint for his debut opera in Miami. It was staged in a boat racing arena , the Miami Marine Studio. This latest collaboration with Artist Vanessa Beecroft fell on the final day of the Art Basel.

The opera focused on Kanye, covered head to toe in silver , telling the christian nativity story through Sunday gospel takes of his own music- including ‘Devil in a New Dress’, ‘Love Lockdown’, and ‘Power’.

The highlight of the performance saw Kanye covering himself in metallic paint as he performed alongside a bunch of singers on a boat. Biblical much? Well the boat could be the next Noah’s ark as it saves humanity with his … rap?

This production comes in after his debut opera ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ last month in Los Angeles, Calif. This mix reviewed opera was inspired by the titular king of Babylon with Sheck Wes in role.

Meanwhile, Kanye is all set to continue his transition to religious music with the announcement of a sequel to his recent album “Jesus is king” which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s 200 Albums Chart! He also released his video of “Closed of Sunday” from the same album.

Well it isn’t really clear why he chose to make this iconic statement, but the one thing for sure is that no one is forgetting this look! From Kanye’s gospel awakening to his latest outfit , we can’t wait to see what he’s going to surprise us with next!