Kanye’s Jesus is King hits theatres

Controversial rapper and fashion designer Kanye West’s highly anticipated unveiling of his latest album and movie, ‘Jesus Is King’ has finally hit the theatres and is due for release on all streaming sites later today.

When you sit down to watch the film, directed by Nick Knight, you probably won’t know what you’re in for. In fact, you may not even understand it once it’s over. Showing for just one week Set for limited release at IMAX screens across the United States, the filmic release to West’s latest album is a slow, static, experimental encapsulation of Kanye West’s journey over the past year. It’s short, it’s cryptic, and it’s seemingly about… nothing.

But really it’s about everything.

“Jesus is King” is not anything like “Runaway”, the film that debuted alongside West’s most heralded album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. “Runaway” had two main characters and a discernible narrative with a beginning, middle and end, while “Jesus is King” is largely a collection of single shots captured by a fish-eye lens.

Discussing the production of Jesus Is King, West, said he asked those working on the album not to have sex before marriage.

He said: “There were times where I was asking people not to have premarital sex while they were working on the album. There were times where I went to people that were working on other projects and said, can you just work and focus on this? I thought if we could all focus and fast – families who pray together stay together.”