KARD Has A Brand New Album in the Works

This week, the Kpop world hasn’t gotten a minute to breathe with some of the biggest artists announcing their comebacks. On the platter is BTS, TWICE, Taemin, SuperM and now adding to that steadily growing list is the hit group, KARD. 

According to reports, the co-ed group is preparing to release a new album this month. And a statement from their agency, DSP Media, confirmed this, “KARD is confirmed to make a comeback in late August. The exact comeback date is currently being finalized.”

 It’s also been reported that all four members have dabbled in the various stages of their comeback preparations. From the album’s concept, visuals to production, choreography and more.  

A Brief History on KARD

Now, it’s been a good six months since the band’s last release. On February 12, KARD put out their fourth extended play titled, “Red Moon”. The EP consisted of of five tracks, including the previously released single ‘Dumb Litty‘. 

And back in 2019, the band enjoyed their time under the spotlight after the release of their bass-thumping, groovy number, ‘Bomb Bomb’. In fact, this very tune topped the iTunes K-pop singles chart in 21 countries including emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, France, and Spain. 

‘Bomb Bomb’ even managed to debut at No. 3 on the World Digital Song Sales chart, marking their seventh entry on the chart and their fifth Top 5 hit. 

Now, while KARD hasn’t revealed the title of their upcoming album, nor release date, there’s still much to look forward to. The band is also gearing up to perform their comeback track for the first time at their concert “2020 WILD KARD IN SEOUL” on August 22.  So, can we conclude that the album will reach us before this? We’ll have to wait to find out. 

By: Nina Karun