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KARD Tease Dark New Single ‘Way With Words’

The hit Kpop group, KARD, has given fans a first taste of their new single. This tune, titled, ‘Way With Words’ will find a space on their upcoming album.

The band recently took to social media to share the first poster of this single. It featured a 3D illustrated glass heart shattering against a dark backdrop. The cover art also featured the single’s title and release date. 

Not long after, KARD, also released teaser images of two of their members – BM and J Seph. The visuals feature both men under neon, violet lighting. BM appears to be sporting the same platinum hair we witnessed during the ‘Bomb Bomb’ era. He’s also got on a patterned shirt and silver accessories. J Seph on the other hand, showed off a pair of grass-green trousers and a vibrant blue button-down. And it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what their counterparts, Somin and Jiwoo, bring to the table with their teasers.  

Prior to the single’s release, the band will treat fans to a performance of their comeback track for the first time at the upcoming concert “2020 WILD KARD IN SEOUL”.  The single itself is slated to arrive on August 26th. 

Their upcoming album will mark the band’s first release in 6 months, their last project being their fourth EP, ‘Red Moon’. Now, gauging from the artwork and title, it looks like this single will dabble with the concept of love and relationships – which is familiar territory for KARD. 

KARD & The Theme of Love

Tracking back, the band’s debut EP, “Hola Hola” dived into similar themes. Holding a good six tracks, this project gave birth to gems like ‘Rumour‘ and ‘Don’t Recall‘. Their second EP, “You & Me” walked along the same line. But perhaps what’s interesting to note is KARD’s approach to love. The band has often shed light on some of the darker aspects of relationships. Whether it be obsession, envy or pure lust, they’ve turned the flowery concept of love, often found in Kpop acts, to something a tad bit darker, sinister even. And the title track of their second EP, ‘You In Me’ is the perfect example of this. 

Whether the band will continue along the same brushstroke, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

By: Nina Karun

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