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Karol G Talks About Photoshop Following Magazine Cover Criticism in Her ‘SNL’ Sketch

Karol G continues to talk against the photoshopped magazine photos during her ‘SNL’ sketch. In a cameo during the show, she made a statement with her black T-shirt with the word ‘photoshop’ crossed out. This is in reference to her disappointment over the cover shoot of GQ Mexico. 

Image Courtesy: Twitter

She performed in a sketch called ‘Spanish Class’ where Ana de Armas portrays an exceptionally good Spanish-speaking student who outshines her own struggling teacher. After the teacher leaves the classroom because of utter embarrassment, Karol G takes over and assists the students using a catchy alphabet tune. Karol G used this opportunity to express her concerns about the photoshopping in the magazine which completely altered her photographs. She expressed her disapproval earlier in a social media post wherein she noted that the image did not represent her. 

“Today my GQ magazine cover was made public, a cover with an image that does not represent me,” she wrote. “My face doesn’t look like that, my body doesn’t look like that and I feel very happy and comfortable with how I look naturally.”

She added, “I understand the repercussions this can have, but beyond feeling it’s disrespectful to me, it’s disrespectful to women who wake up looking to feel comfortable with themselves despite society’s stereotypes.”

Karol G released her fourth album ‘Mañana Será Bonito’ recently. The album peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart upon its release, making it the first all-Spanish-language leader by a woman. The album was also her very first No. 1 on the chart.  

– Riya Sohini

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