Katy Perry Calls North West Onstage at The Dance Party in Vegas

Katy Perry just helped North West make her Las Vegas debut. North West, who is the nine-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, joined the singer onstage during her PLAY residency. She was seen showing off her moves for a dance party with friends that her mom would approve of.

“I’m a huge fan of your TikTok,” Perry told North. Kim Kardashian was photographed filming the moment with immense pride from the audience. “I’ve seen a couple of them that you’ve made. You’re a really good dancer, and I thought what better way to be a great dancer than to show the world your awesome dance moves?”

Image Courtesy: E! Online

North readily agreed, but had one condition: “Can my friends come out with me?” she asked Katy Perry who thought for a second and then gave her approval. Three girls including North West joined Perry on the stage, one of whom was Gracie Teefey, North’s frequent TikTok collaborator and Selena Gomez’s little sister. They joined Perry for her single ‘Swish Swish’, and while Perry sang, they took turns doing their best cartwheels. Once the event ended, Perry met Kim Kardashian, Sia and Paris Hilton backstage. 

“Honestly, I’m the biggest Katy Perry fan,” Kardashian was captured telling the musician in a clip Perry posted to Instagram. “I’m not just saying that ’cause you’re here.”

Image Courtesy: Page Six

“If you’re a big fan, can I finally be a sister?” Perry asked Kardashian, who accepted the offer without a second thought and said, “Katy! We don’t even have to change the initial!”

– Riya Sohini