Katy Perry Clinically Depressed After “Witness”

katy perry

We all have seen success getting to celebrities in good and bad ways. Latest target of this is the pop star, Katy Perry. The singer reveals that she was clinically depressed after her album “Witness” did not do well.

“Witness” came in 2017 but it did not reach the success it was imagined to gain. It did not perform well commercially compared to her previous music which led to a mental breakdown.

In a recent interview, Katy Perry said, “getting out of “Witness” was a difficult time.” She continues to say that she was very upset and clinically depressed due to her commercial failure. She explains that it led down to a very different path.

Katy Perry claims to have realized that her career is not everything after she understood how much of her self esteem was dependent on the validation she received from her others based on her career.

After her epiphany, she’s preparing her sixth album with a different mindset. The album is set to come out in August, though “Never Born White” a single from the album is already out.

The music video of “Never Born White” song also revealed that Katy Perry is pregnant. The news broke out and soon, she shared the news that she will be having a baby girl with Orlando Bloom. The “Teenage Dream” singer claims to learn being a good mother in quarantine.

Well, starting a family could do so much good to the singer and we hope Katy Perry‘s mental health is better than before. All we can do now is wait for her baby girl to arrive and album to release.

By : Aatira Kakroo