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Katy Perry Drops A Soothing Acoustic Version of ‘Daisies’

Katy Perry just dropped yet another treat from her upcoming album, ‘KP5,’ and it was the calming, acoustic version of her hit track, ‘Daisies’.

‘Daisies’ has garnered a lot of attention for its display of Katy’s stellar vocals and of course, for its stunning music video. For those of you who are yet to watch the video, well, you better get on it. Boasting of some laudable camera work and impressive locations, it’s quite the visual treat. 

Now, coming back to Katy’s upcoming fifth album, the star also dished out that her track, ‘Never Really Over,’ will find a space on this album. Despite being released in early 2019, it looks like Katy certainly has a fondness for this number. 

Katy also teased that she had penned down one more, real special tune for this album. Titled, ‘What Makes A Woman,’ this one’s a dedication to her unborn child. The announcement, as expected, had fans in an absolute meltdown. 

In fact, speaking of her pregnancy, Orlando Bloom, who is currently in quarantine with her confessed, “Aside from the giant belly, you wouldn’t know [she’s pregnant],” Bloom exclaimed. “She’s a force of nature, obviously, as we all know. But it’s been really impressive. There’s no complaining. She’s just all about it. It’s pretty awe-inspiring to see the way she handles herself at this time. It’s just business as usual.”

Katy Perry has had her ups and downs, but it looks like she’s mostly got everything under control. “I would say I have five good days and two days where I just, I cry when I look down at my toes or I cry when just doing simple tasks,” Katy said before cursing at her hormones for the wild mood swings. 

Anyway, as per usual, we hope that Katy continues to keep us on our toes with news on her upcoming album. 

By: Nina Karun

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