Katy’s Still In The Dark

Seems like copyright lawsuits are the thing of 2020.

Katy Perry and her team, who were famously slammed with a lawsuit, mid last year, for copyright infringement on the issue of Perry’s 2013 hit “Dark Horse” from the album “Prism”. The track, featuring rapper Juicy J, topped the Billboard charts, and hit No.1 in many countries, mainitaining Katy Perry’s record of scoring a Billboard No. 1 with every single album she has ever released.

Perry and her team including Capitol Records, Producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin, and more, were slammed with a lawsuit for reportedly stealing a beat from Christian rapper “Flaem” otherwise known as Marcus Gray. The rapper claimed that his song had been distributed widely enough for Perry’s team to have had access to it, squashing their claim that they had never heard of the song before.

The rapper’s case was met with a unanimous jury victory. But, in recent news, it turns out Perry’s legal team hasn’t been responding well.

In a series of back and forth between both parties, Gray slapped on additional monetary penalties for the copyright infringement, with the total compensation reaching the amount of $2.8 million dollars.

Reports state that Perry’s legal team have now put in a request for a retrial on the entire case citing “improper handling of court instructions” as the main reason.

This battle’s going to be a long and tiring one; we just hope the right ones win.