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Kehlani Calls Out Ex on New Album: Listen Now

R&B singer-songwriter, Kehlani, has finally released her full-length studio album ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’. She teased the release of the album with the album cover, title and release date, early last week. 

Early fan reactions have come in, and they are positive. But, more interestingly, they point towards Kehlani’s inspiration for the project, and it comes in two letters – ‘YG’. The singer’s fans have dissected every lyric, and decided that rapper ‘YG’ left Kehlani heartbroken, and this album is her public goodbye. 

The album follows in the footsteps of Kehlani’s 2019 release ‘While We Wait’ in terms of sound. Using popular r&b and trap elements, the writing uses unfiltered honesty, and explicit language to make a point. Basically, if this album was a person, it would be what people refer to as a “bad b*tch”. Good on you, Kehlani. 

The YG/ ex-boyfriend references are obvious on tracks like “Toxic”, “Bad News”, and “Water”. She quotes YG’s sunsign in “Water”, singing the lines “Swimming with a Pisces every night / Ain’t really that deep, but he deep inside.” Kehlani goes on to sample a ton of voice memos, conversations and textural sound samples. 

The album features Jhene Aiko, Tory Lanez, Lucky Daye and a surprising collaboration with experimental, alt-pop musician James Blake. Kehlani took to Twitter to express her gratitude for the reception of the album. She said: i’m so emotional i’m so thankful i can’t believe it LLL”

“It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” by Kehlani is available to stream on all platforms worldwide. 

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