Kehlani Drops a New Video and it’s Toxic

The beautiful R&B superstar of the West has dropped a new single and we are here for it.

After the cake that was the ‘Valentine’s Day’ released last month, ‘Toxic’ is definitely the icing on that cake.

Kehlani has always been the voice of reason when it comes to having an assertive power and wanting clarity in relationships – that she had made abundantly clear in the last few singles she dropped. Now we hear her singing: “Damn right, we take turns being wrong/ I get real accountable when I’m alone/ I get real about it all when I’m alone/ It’s so crazy missin’ you when I get on.” We can hear the absence she feels in her life for her past relationship but she is holding her ground and staying real.

She is not afraid to use the big A-word when it comes to relationships. Yas, Kehlani, accountability IS sexy and more so on you!

Listen to this undeniable Friday the 13th blessing that Kehlani has bestowed upon us and jam to it the entire weekend.