Kehlani Feels “Shameful” On Valentines Day

We can’t believe Kehlani has done it again and so soon! She’s been quite busy over the past month, releasing a string of new music including her collaborative track with Justin Bieber titled ‘Get Me’, and this one took the world by storm, due to the stunning blend of their vocals.

And thankfully, listeners did not have to wait too long for a taste of new music from her side, as she just dropped a brand new number called, ‘Valentine’s Day (Shameful)’.

The song follows her collaboration with YG on the track, ‘Konclusions’. Now, this track showed us the sunny side of their relationship, but it raised some questions when they did not promote the song together. This definitely started a rumor about the couple’s break up.

And now, with the release of her latest number, ‘Shameless’ she confirms the end of their relationship. Though, she doesn’t mention his name, we all have a pretty clear idea on who she’s referring to in this one, as the lyrics read,

“I’d say your name but you don’t deserve recognition/ You played the hero but you really are the villain/ There ain’t a bone in me that wants to spare your feelings/ You called me crazy, but it was my intuition/ Used me for status and the fame and recognition.”

The song is written solely by Kehlani and produced by Axel Follie and the Rascals. In this song, while Kehlani is open about helping her old beau deal with his addiction, she also calls him out for cheating. Hmm, she’s pulling a Taylor Swift now, isn’t she? But then again, writing about your exes has been the rage for a while now and it looks like a new single might be the perfect outlet for all that pent up frustration!

In a message to her fans, Kehlani confessed, “I’m not afraid to stand in my truth at all times and be here chest out ten toes down in the good, the bad and the ugly. Thank you if you see me, it’s all love if you don’t.”

Now, don’t we all just love a bold woman?