Keisha and Big Freedie Do it Together

Kesha’s made her return to the music scene with a bang and we’re enjoying every minute of it! She recently dropped her smash hit, ‘Raising Hell’ and followed it up with the release of her album, ‘High Road’.

And now, she’s back with a brand new number! This one’s called, ‘Chasing Rainbows’ and it’s a collaborative track between Big Freedie and none other than Kesha. Like most Freedia’s songs, the new track, just drags you down onto the dancefloor! It’s a party track with quite the cheery message accompanying it: it speaks of self-love, self-acceptance and of course, something we all hope we can achieve soon: equality.

The video shows us Freedia making a love potion, while Kesha and a number of dancers perform a choreography in, well, the sky. Throw in a rainbow and a mythical creature and this video is absolutely bizarre. In fact, it’s actually downright childish, but we’ve got to focus on the point of this whole fanfare: the idea being that all the hate in the world is replaced by love. Cliched, but sweet.

“To me, ‘Chasing Rainbows’ is a love anthem. It’s about how love will always conquer fear and hate. I’ve always been about celebrating who you are—no matter what anyone tries to tell you—and this song is meant to inspire people to chase their dreams, no matter what obstacles they face.” Big Freedia said in a recent press release.

The duo are going to be quite busy over the next few months as they kick off Kesha’s ‘High Road’ tour, which means we’ll probably get to see them perform this track live!